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can be widely used in whiteness measurement of textile printing and dyeing, paint, chemical building materials, paper board, plastic products, white cement, ceramics, enamel, talc powder,
The Vibration Tester can display the parameters of“Displacement”,“Velocity” and “Acceleration” simultaneously
Using the latest high performance and low power consumption micro processing technology.
The Multifunction Tachometer Used to test the rotative velocity ,surface speed or frequency of motor.
Widely used in data collection for boiler, refrigeration industry, ventilation duct, environment monitor.
The Glossmeter applies to Ink, paint, paint, paint, decoration materials, wood, marble, granite, polishing brick, tile measurement.
The Body Infrared Thermometer is a professional body temperature measurement non-contact Infrared Thermometer.
The Belt Tension Meter Mainly use for automotive belt tension measurement, also can measure and adjust ribbon.
Amittari Handy sound source for quick and easy calibration of sound level meters and sound measuring systems.
Used for checking the thickness coating of wet paint, enamel lacquer, adhensive , architectural coating, color coating, varnish, chemical industry, or other coating that has been applied to a smooth surface.
Widely used in workshops, offices, plantes, libraries, computer stations, laboratories and warehouses.
Use photoelectric signal while external triggering, achieve automatic tracking function of the pattern.
The Moisture Meter Be a multifunctional instrument for measuring the moisture content of wooden articles.
Can be used to determine the turbidity or clarity of liquid sample (water, drinks and so on).
Users  can  get  continuous, good  repetitive  and  precise measurements. Separate Type can provide  several  type  probe.
The digital force gauge is a kind of simple and convenient multi-functional instrument for high-accuracy push force and pull force test.
Screen Tension Tester applicable to general wire  mesh  tension  and  steel  mesh  tension  measurement.
The Sponge Hardness Tester applicable to measure hardness of soft foam material and polyurethane foam rubber products.
The Lux Meter is a specialised instrumentation measuring luminosity, brightness.
The Surface Roughness Tester is widely used in production site to measure surface roughness of various
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Purchase Instruction: When you choose the model number of Amittari

instrument,the default is standard delivery.If you need other optional accessories,please tell our customer -service worker.

The following three items are basic optional accessories choices.

Standard Accessories+USB data output

Standard Accessories+RS-232 data output

Standard Accessories+Bluetooth data output

About Bluetooth™ Accessories :

Amittari instruments generally can be supplied with Bluetooth™ data output function ( except few instruments ) . As Bluetooth™ data output is included in optional accessories, not standard delivery,it needs to be indicated when choose 10 meters to 100 meters distance can be chosen.Please kindly contact with the customer-service worker if you need Bluetooth™ data output.

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