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Buying Guide

Thank you for your choice of our measuring instruments.These instructions  are  to ensure that the users make the right choices of   optional accessories and  bluetooth .

About Buy Notes :

Purchase Instruction: When you choose the model number of Amittari instrument,the default is standard delivery.If you need other optional accessories,please tell our customer -service worker.

The following three items are basic optional accessories choices

Standard Accessories+USB data output

Standard Accessories+RS-232 data output

Standard Accessories+Bluetooth data output

About Bluetooth™ Accessories :

Amittari instruments generally  can be supplied with Bluetooth™ data output function ( except  few  instruments ) . As Bluetooth™ data output is included in optional accessories, not standard delivery,it needs to be indicated when choose 10 meters to 100 meters distance can be chosen.Please kindly contact with the customer-service worker  if you need Bluetooth™  data output.